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Hard Maple Euchre Box - A Complete Euchre Kit

Hard Maple Euchre Box - A Complete Euchre Kit

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What did you call again? What's trump?

The Wood Euchre Box is an all in one Euchre kit that allows you to track what trump is, keep score without shuffling 5's around, and store your Euchre deck so it is always ready to go! 

One night after a few games of Euchre, we came up with the idea of making a small dial to help keep track of trump. Thinking on it more, we decided to design it into a box that would have an area to keep score, and also store a Euchre deck. 

The Euchre Box is made out of solid poplar with resin inlays and a laser engraved quote on the interior. To finish each box, we use a non-toxic oil finish that will keep your box looking new for years to come. Included in each box are:

  • Euchre Deck
  • Score Pegs
  • Trump dial

These make great wedding or anniversary gifts, Father's Day or Mother's Day presents, or even housewarming gifts for new homeowners. 

We are creating new styles and variations all the time, check out our Euchre Box Collection here!

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