Custom Products

At CSG Designs we got our start doing custom one off projects for friends and family. While we have grown to have our own standard product line, we still love to do custom projects! We have grown our capabilities over the last year to include a laser as well as a CNC router.

custom hat made for local company to give to employees

For laser work, we can accommodate up to 15" x 15" flat goods, and up to 6" diameter round goods. We are able to engrave wood, leather, tumblers, glass and much more!

customized pregnancy announcement with last name and expected birth month

With the CNC, we are able to do wood, plastic, and some metals up to 32" x 32" and 3" thick. We have various options to help keep costs down and still end up with a great product. For a gallery on all of our custom work, check out our Instagram, @c.s.g.designs

Custom wood sign for new taxidermy business

For any custom work, message us on any of our social media pages, or send us an email at We will discuss your custom project, some initial pricing guidelines, and give you a rough overview of our policy and timelines!